List of Posters, complied May-July, 2001

Nickname: First Post: Name: Born: Sex: Location: Favo(u)rite Song: Favo(u)rite Album: Favo(u)rite Member: Fan Since:
Mike May (prophetm) 1995 Mike May - - - The Prophet's Song A Night at the Opera Brian 1992
Stephen Strahan 1995 Stephen Strahan 1962 M Perth, Western Australia Somebody To Love Queen II / ANATO / ADATR / Made In Heaven Freddie 1975
Toshiya 1996 Toshiya Suzuki 1963 M Tokyo, Japan The Millionaire Waltz Queen II All 1976
JGilm50702 1996 Joy Gilmore 1950 - Albany NY Hammer to Fall Queen I Roger 1973
rOOth 1996 - 1954 - Sydney, Australia I'm In Love With My Car Barcelona John, Freddie, Brian 1995
W. K. Mahler 1997 William K. Mahler 1967 M Hyannis, MA. U. S. A. too many to list too many to list All 1969
Sue (svnseas) 1998 Sue - F East Anglia, UK. Sail Away Sweet Sister Innuendo, QII, SHA Brian 1974
Susan Stansfield 1998 Susan Stansfield 1972 F The suburbs of Chicago Bohemian Rhapsody A Night at the Opera Freddie 1992
Thomas Rieder 1999 Thomas Rieder 1980 M St. Gallen, Switzerland Bohemian Rhapsody A Night At The Opera Brian 1992
Steve Longdon 1999 Steve Longdon 1969 M West Sussex, England - - - 1980
SadSack98 1999 Vinnie Moran 1970 M Hollywood CA White Queen Queen II or Jazz Brian 1989
Roger Southall (South) 2000 Tom Southall 1984 M Birmingham, UK Princes of The Universe Queen II Freddie 1999
Stewart Bootles 2000 Stewart Bootles 1972 M United Kingdom I want it all/ White Queen Queen 2 Freddie 1984
Jon 2000 Jonathan Mooney 1985 M Massachusetts, US The Show Must Go On SHA, NOTW, Innuendo, MIH All 1998
Geoff Wood 2000 William Geoffrey Wood 1957 - Wellington, New Zealand LOTV, LOML, BORAP - - 1974
Chary 2000 Mark Sosnowski 1980 M Zabrze, Poland The Show Must Go On, I'm going slightly mad, Nevermore, Breakthru a day at the races, innuendo Freddie 1991
y2jabroni 2000 Neil Bradley 1984 M Glasgow, UK Spread Your Wings, It's Late Innuendo or ADATR Roger 1999
tigersilvi 2000 Silvia Strobl 1985 F Austria Radio GaGa, Ogre Battle, Lap of the Gods, Scandal Miracle, Queen 2 Roger 1985
Craig Ogden 2001 Craig Ogden 1983 M Grimsby UK was it all worth it/ show must go on innuendo Freddie 2000
Susan/Great Pretender Girl 2001 Rebecca Susan Rushton 1986 F England - Norfolk '39 ANATO Freddie 1991
The Who Rock 16 2001 Brooke Smith 1984 F Roger Daltrey's house Crazy Little Thing or Play the Game A Kind of Magic Roger 1998
Margot Winkler 2001 Margot Winkler 1985 F St.Valentin, Austria Friends Will Be Friends Greatest Hits Brian 2000
Brendan James Reid 2001 Brendan James Reid 1978 M New Zealand Show Must Go On Innuendo Freddie 1983
CharmedQueen5 2001 Stephi C. 1985 F Wyoming, USA Bicycle Race Queen II All 1993
DJ Nightro ? DJ Nightro 1980 - Sydney, Australia - Made In Heaven Mr Bad Guy 1994
Tina ? Tina 1964 - NYC, USA Freddie's - Freddie 1965

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